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7th FSSM Congress

WSS International Sleep Medicine Exam will be held here | Abstract submission is open until August 31, 2024.

London Royal National ENT SSC

Sleep Surgery Course in conjunction with the 10th Asia Sleep Centre Course, Singapore.
Early bird rate is now open until October 31st, 2024.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

This is the first published CPG on the
Management of OSA.
Publication no.: MOH/P/PAK/503.22(GU)-e

President’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia – a non-profit NGO established with a vision, mission and values to promote all aspects of sleep medicine and sleep research focusing on sleep disorders while committed to …
– Prof. Dr. Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail


What is Sleep Disorders?

Sleep is a vital function essential for health because it allows your body to recover mentally and physically. Sleep disorders significantly affect your health and quality of life.

Sleep Disorders Facts

Sleep Disorders is a wide spectrum of diseases. It refers to alterations in the quality, quantity and pattern of sleep. These lead to interruptions in your sleep primary functions.

Children Sleep Problems

Sleep problems in children commonly due to behavioral changes including bedtime refusal and prolonged night awakenings. It often requires parental intervention.


Sleepwalking, yelling in your sleep, violently thrashing in bed and hurting those you love. No, it’s not a demonic possession; it is REM-sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD), a sleep disorder characterized by acting out dreams.


Sleep Matters and COVID-19 Pandemic: The Double Trouble

Sleep issue has become the major problem during the COVID-19 pandemic. How sleep affected during the pandemic can be divided into …


We promotes 
sleep health awareness

SDSM is a non-profit NGO founded in 2012 mainly in response to the increase of awareness of clinical sleep health. The first president and chairman was Prof. Dr. Syed Hassan Syed Ahmad Almashoor, ….


Our Activities

We played a keyrole for sleep disorders awareness through our annual SLEEP conference and regional roadshow namely “Introduction to Sleep Medicine” (ISM). We have successfully brought sleep screening and services to many in the community who would not otherwise have such awareness.

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Executive Committee members will be elect during Annual General Meeting which be held every two years.

Organizational Chart

 Prof. Dr Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail


Deputy Director (Clinical) at Hospital UiTM. He practices sleep medicine since 2010 and a member of ERS and APSR

A/Prof. Dr Rusdi
Abd Rashid

Vice President

Director at University of Malaysia Centre for Addiction Science Studies (UMCAS), he involves in CBT for sleep disorders patient

Dr Rashidah Binti Yasin


Consultant in Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre. She completed her sleep medicine fellowship in Chulalongkorn Univ.

Dr Raymond Tan Suan-Kuo


ENT Consultant in Beacon Hospital, PJ with special interest in snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)


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